The Quick Pitch:

Victoria’s Secret is a women’s lingerie
store created with men’s comfort in mind
exemplifying negative stereotypes.

It’s time for Victoria’s Secret to move
from fantasy to reality.

My Role:

•Conquered my fear of walking into a
Victoria’s Secret to ask mothers and
daughters questions that might seem

• Whiteboarded and abandoned 20+
ideas in <24 hours

• Called everyone I knew to see if they
could push out my survey

• Artifacts: Creative Brief, Survey, Pitch
Deck, Discussion Guide

The Brief

When the One Club assigns you a dying brand, it’s your job to revive it via a fresh, innovative, creative brief.



Victoria’s Secret hasn’t kept up with the times.

They’ve been trying to profit off of unrealistic body types and stereotypes that have long since been expelled from cultural thought.

Human Truth

When you feel comfortable, you spend more money.

Brand Tension

Victoria’s Secret makes people uncomfortable.


From Fantasy to RealityBringing Victoria’s Secret into the 21st century with more inclusive branding.

The Workshop

70 students, 10 agencies, 10 teams, 24 hours

The first ever VCU strategic workshop hosted by the One Club. Teams of 4-5 were given 24 hours to write a brief with the guidance of Richmond-based agencies. Blood, sweat, tears and power naps were had.