The Quick Pitch:

Latinos In Virginia does life-changing work for Latino victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, but when it comes to getting support from those outside of the Latinx community they fall flat because of differences in language and culture.

To fight the stigma we created a new brand identity centered around the community victims share, despite a langauge barrier.

My Role:

•Created surveys targeted towards
anglo-american conceptions of Latinos.

•Familiarized myself with Latino culture to
better understand what makes the
community so great.

•Spent hours with a translator to translate
from spanish into english and vice versa.

•Artifacts: Creative Brief, Survey, Pitch Deck

The Brief

How can Latinos in Virginia reach english-speaking supporters?



They forgot that every voice matters.

Latinos in Virginia have neglected anyone outside of their community — leading to a complete and total cultural disconnect.

Human Truth

Recovering victims feel a need to prevent what happened to them from happening to others.

Cultural Tension

The Latino community are viewed as outsiders.

News and various media depict Latinos as those who come to America intent on not integrating into society.


Violence Has No Language Barrier

Remind people that despite differing sociocultural backgrounds they share a bond over the one thing they’ll never be able to forget.

Plan of Attack

Highlight the Successes

Showcase the bustling and vibrant community that Latinos in Virginia has been able to foster.

Brand Identity    

Fun and Vibrant, a reflection of Latino Culture 

New identity and logo design incorporates the vibrant colors of Latino culture to better showcase their community and mission.

From Old
To New