The Quick Pitch:

The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children is a small organization with one goal in mind; protect children everywhere from sexual abuse, exploitation, and abduction.

We tapped into the world’s largest community, soccer fans, to refresh their International Missing Children’s Day campaign, and won some awards along the way.

My Role:

•Convinced a group of strangers to let me lead a team, turns out I’d become the group therapist.

•Created surveys that gauged what values soccer fans hold near and dear.

•Read so many missing children stories I had to take night off to decompress.

•Artifacts: Creative Brief, Survey, Pitch Deck

The Brief

Enhance the second iteration of ICMEC’s Football Cares campaign for 2021. 



Their mission seems too grand.

ICMEC works at a global scale, leading the individual to feel helpless due to the issue’s scope.

Brand Truth

ICMEC is the unseen champion for unheard voices.

As ICMEC’s initiatives largely target legislators and law enforcement, the public often does not see ICMEC’s role in reuniting children with their families.

Cultural Truth

Childhood soccer memories transcend borders and translate into shared global experiences.

Human Truth

Sports fans are raised to protect their communities.


When a child goes missing,it shakes a community to its core.


Legacy Soccer Fans 

Although divided by country, soccer fans are united by the generation-spanning shared experience of community.
        •Generational-born into fandom 
        •Consider themselves to be part of the team
        •Cares deeply about fandom community