I’m Khalied*

“The best strategists are great storytellers”

The first time I heard that was in my intro strategy class. To be completely candid, I had no idea what my professor meant. As far as I understood the best strategists were the ones who came up with the best ideas.

Like the opening scene of Mad Men, Don Draper sitting at a bar, having an epiphany, scribbling down the strategy on a half used cocktail napkin.

That’s how it happens in an idealistic world but it’s not honest.

I’ve come to understand that being a great storyteller is about how well you can communicate someone else’s story. Finding those stories isn’t easy, it takes time and effort. No amount of epiphany can save you if you weren’t in the trenches.

Every single person has a story and it’s my job as a strategist to express it in a way that resonates with others.

*great storyteller
**it’s pronounced hall-lid